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Archive for March 2018

What is the Club House feature in the Gatekeeper App?

With this feature security guards in clubhouse can record usage of clubhouse facilities by residents and also keep record of Guests. Admins will get a report showing usage of clubhouse facilities by residents & guests. To enable this feature, Go to settings(By clicking on the vertical line of dots on . . . Read more

How can I Clone Purchase Request Created?

In case the PR gets rejected, then it will become easy to create a new one. You can clone the previous one and make edits as required and re-send for approval. Please follow the steps below: Login to ADDA>>Admin>>Dashboard>>Expense Tracker>>Purchase Request>>Create the purchase request>>Once the purchase request has been approved, . . . Read more

How Do I login to ADDA with international number?

Yes! Adda does allow the international residents to login to ADDA and they will also receive all the timely notifications of all the activities happening in their ADDA. Benefits of this feature for your ADDA: This will make it easy for your ADDA members staying abroad, to request for OTPs, . . . Read more

How Can GST be applied on all the Utility Bills(Eg.Gas)?

Please follow the steps below to apply GST on all you Utility Bills: Login to Admin>>Dashboard>>Utility Tracker>>Bulk posting>>Meter Readings>>Select Meter Readings in Batch /excel. For example if you wish to do a batch upload, after all the entries are done you will find a option at the below before saving . . . Read more

How does the purchase request feature work?

Document generated by a user department or storeroom-personnel to notify the purchasing department of items it needs to order, their quantity, and the time frame. It may also contain the authorization to proceed with the purchase. Also called Purchase Request or requisition. Please follow the below steps to setup the same for your ADDA: (A)Add . . . Read more