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How to delete a document?

Note: Rights to delete a file remains with the owner(user who uploaded) of the file only. Admin can rename the folder or move the files to another folder. In case of those files which were uploaded by you can be deleted by following below steps: i. To delete files from . . . Read more

How to upload admin files?

Please follow below steps to upload a file which are accessible to only admins: Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin >> Admin Files >> View All >> Common Files Step 2: Click Upload File. New window opens. Step 3: Click Choose File, to browse the file you wish to upload. . . . Read more

How do I use the Admin Files?

Admin Files can be used in below scenarios: i. Store/Share files amongst Admins only ii. Share with only owners or all residents iii. Share flat specific files with concerned Owner only. Admin Files can be used to store Files like By-Laws, MOM, reference documents such as Sale Deed copies, etc. . . . Read more