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Who can add Helpdesk Categories?

New Helpdesk Categories can be added by your Admin. Please contact your Management committee with your suggestions to add new Helpdesk categories. Try out ADDA APP  and  connect with your Neighbourhood on the go !

Who can view the Helpdesk complaints lodged?

All Complaints that you lodge on your ADDA’s HelpDesk will be visible to all members of your flat who are registered on your ADDA. The HelpDesk shows the same information to all Users of a Flat. Note:If any update is done by admin, primary contact will be notified. Try out ADDA APP  and  connect . . . Read more

How to lodge a Helpdesk complaint?

Step 1: After Signing in, check the left side Icon panel & click on Helpdesk.  Step 2 : Click on “+” on the right bottom. Step 3 : Select the Category accordingly from the drop down list available. Choose either Personal (or) Community option. Note : If you choose personal, that means the complaint is specify to your . . . Read more

How can admins receive Helpdesk Notifications?

Helpdesk notifications can be received by the admin members, where in they can keep a track of the status of tickets raised by the customers. Follow the below steps to enable the helpdesk notifications for admins: Step 1: Login to ADDA >>Admin>>Helpdesk Tracker>>Setup. Step 2: In the setup page, when . . . Read more

Helpdesk tracker workflow

HelpDesk Tracker is the Online Complaint Register of your Society. Here all Tickets can be viewed and acted upon by the admin. Driver for each Ticket can be assigned, status can be changed with relevant notes. Tickets can be automatically escalated if it is not acted upon within a set time-frame. The HelpDesk Tracker comes . . . Read more

How to process SMS tickets lodged?

Users can lodge complaints by sending SMS to 9243799777 (unique mobile number to all ADDA’s) from their registered mobile numbers. When a user lodges SMS complaint/ticket with some issue at his/her flat, the ticket will be shown as the “Un-categorized” category. The uncategorized category will be listed automatically when the first . . . Read more