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How to sync Maintenance Flats to Utility Flats?

Syncing of maintenance flats to utility flats will help us to avoid duplication of flats. Please follow the steps below: Login to Admin Dashboard>>Utility Tracker>>Track Utility Flats>>When you scroll down you will find an option called “Sync Utility Flats”. Once that option is selected maintenance flats will be synced with . . . Read more

How to change the due date for invoices?

Any changes in Grace period of Late Payment Interest will not be effective on the generated invoices. The due date has to be changed in generated invoices also. Changing due date for invoices can very much be done at your end.This control is with you. Step 1: Go to Income . . . Read more

How to reverse invoices in bulk?

Please follow the below steps to reverse invoices in Bulk(Including System generated): Step 1: Go to Income Tracker >> Member Income >> Bulk Corrections >> Click ‘Reverse Invoices in Bulk’ Step 2: Fetch the invoices to be reversed. Step 3. Cross check the fetched data, mention reason and click on “Reverse”. . . . Read more

Financial data migration on ADDA

The System allows bringing in ACTIVE Financial transactions of the Current Financial Year. This is possible if the Subscription is started before 1-January of the current Financial Year. If Subscription is Started on 1-January and later, Financial Data can be started from 1-January or next Financial year. All Financial Data . . . Read more

Local vendors directory

You can add any local service that you think your neighbours can also utilize. Like you can store the authorized vendors in the area – Paper Boy, MilkMan, Ironing Vendor etc. It is highly recommended to build up your ADDA‘s Vendor List as vendors recommended by neighbours as they are . . . Read more