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We have some space rented out in Apartment for Shops, Ironing vendor,Water Can vendor, etc. How to raise regular maintenance invoices for these commercial units just like we do for Residential flats?

Invoicing for commercial space can also be automated on ADDA just like it’s done for residential space. Please follow below steps to meet your requirement: Step 1: Add these commercial space also as units under Income tracker. This will facilitate invoice generation. 1.1. To add these commercial space as unit, . . . Read more

How to edit blocks?

Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin –> Manage Users –> Add Users. Step 2: Scroll down the page and click on Add edit blocks button. A separate window pops up, you can view the current blocks already added and can edit the existing blocks. You can also Select . . . Read more

How to provide read only user access ?

Read only access would be required for an Office staff/Auditor to monitor/verify the system. Step 1: Add  the user as an office staff. Follow the link here: http://faq.apartmentadda.com/how-to-add-non-residents/ Step 2: Give access only to ADMIN REPORTS module and Save. Download the ADDA APP!

How to add a caretaker?

FYI: In some of the rented Flats or Villas, the owners might have delegated the responsibility of overseeing the property to CareTakers. These Caretakers make sure the maintenance dues are paid on time, complaints are raised and serviced, and all important Notices are acted upon on behalf of the Owner. . . . Read more

How to add users?

Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin >> Manage Users >> ADD Users . Step 2: Fill all the information such as Name, Block, Flat No., Mobile No., Intercom, User Status, if Owner/Tenant & Email id. Note: If users are added by office staff, the user will be listed under . . . Read more