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How is the Setup ADDA Profile used?

Every ADDA has a public facing Website showing it’s Location, Amenities and Contact detail. The landing page also has a “Join” link where residents can Join their ADDA by updating the details. This Website can be customized by Admin through ‘Setup ADDA Profile’ module: Under Home Tab you can update . . . Read more

How to start with the Income Tracker?

It is a simple 3 step, one-time process. Step 1 Start with the “Setup” tab. Enter the Term (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly) which is the frequency at which Maintenance Fee is collected. Then enter the start of the Term (e.g., January or April) List the Apartment Types based on which . . . Read more

How do I use the Admin Files?

Admin Files can be used in below scenarios: i. Store/Share files amongst Admins only ii. Share with only owners or all residents iii. Share flat specific files with concerned Owner only. Admin Files can be used to store Files like By-Laws, MOM, reference documents such as Sale Deed copies, etc. . . . Read more