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How to add vendors(AMC) in ADDA?

All Maintenance Vendor details can be stored in ADDA under “Vendor Master” Module. To add a vendor:Login to ADDA>>Admin>>Vendor Master>>Vendor For Expenses>>Add Vendor. Give the required details and Click Save. Vendor contacts for e.g.. The Security Agency , Housekeeping Agency, Lift AMC provider etc.    

How to add users in batch/bulk?

This is a very simple 4 step process! Step 1: Login to ADDA >> Admin >> Units & Users >>Add Users, download the excel template present under the Mass Upload section. Step 2: Fill the rows with resident information. (Note: Do not edit or delete the header line). If the resident is the owner of the . . . Read more

How to add the Inventories?

Please follow the steps below to add Inventories: Step 1: Login to ADDA>>Admin>>Asset & Inventory Tracker >> Set Up >> Add all the Inventory Categories with the specified unit and Click Save. Step 3: Click on Inventory Tab >> For the particular Inventory, click on View Step 4: A separate window . . . Read more