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Why does ADDA App ask permission to access Photo gallery, SMS etc?

1. Phone Book/Contacts Below are a few features, where Adda App has been given option to add a phone number/user directly from your contact list. To add more family members or tenants to your Unit, To add expected visitors, To add”At Home Number” (number which security calls to verify visitors), etc. . . . Read more

How to join ADDA?

Step 1: Goto​ ​www.ApartmentADDA.com​ ​website , Click “Search your Apartment Option​” ​–>Type and Select the Apartment you wish to Join. Click “Join”. Step 2: Fill your registration form with correct details & valid email id. Verify your mobile No., enter OTP. Step 3: Click on Verify now. (OR) Give a missed call to . . . Read more

Can we export the data created in our ADDA?

Yes, all relevant data present in your specific ADDA can be exported anytime. This includes the Residents’ List, Vendors’ List, HelpDesk Tickets, Projects, Income Line Items, Expense Line Items, all Accounting Journal Entries, and Documents. Following the Privacy Policy of ApartmentADDA, Residents’ phone number are not part of the Residents’ . . . Read more

Why ApartmentADDA?

Housing Societies looking for a wholesome Society portal desire three main Features – Central Monitoring Tools, Easy Accounts Access, Collaboration with Sensitivities addressed. ApartmentADDA aces all three. ApartmentADDA has grown to be the #1 Society Management & Accounting software that is trusted and utilized by more than 2000 Housing Societies . . . Read more