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Helpdesk tracker workflow

HelpDesk Tracker is the Online Complaint Register of your Society. Here all Tickets can be viewed and acted upon by the admin. Driver for each Ticket can be assigned, status can be changed with relevant notes. Tickets can be automatically escalated if it is not acted upon within a set time-frame.

The HelpDesk Tracker comes with some default categories, so users can lodge HelpDesk Tickets readily.

Step 1:  Setup your HelpDesk Tracker
i. Go to Admin >>  HelpDesk >> SetUp. Create the HelpDesk Categories that are relevant to your Apartment Complex.
ii. For each HelpDesk Category, provide a Category Owner Level1. This is the User who will get an Email/SMS whenever a ticket of this category is lodged.
Note: Only those users who have access to Helpdesk Tracker module will be listed in the drop-down.
iii. Scroll to the bottom to setup Notification options and Save.

Step 2: Set up the Escalation Matrix:
You can set up Multi-Level Escalation here. An Email will go to higher Levels, if the ticket has not been updated in the requisite number of days.
i. Go to Admin >>  HelpDesk >> Escalation Matrix.
ii. Click EDIT on the category, you wish to do the escalation setup. A separate window pops up.
iii. Provide the L1 Owners, in Shift 1, Shift 2 & Shift 3 if staff or admin is working on the tickets during specific timings. Select the shift timings. Also check mark the option Owner 1Send SMS? This will trigger an SMS as and when a ticket is registered for this category.
iv. Under Escalation to Level 2 provide L2 owners. Two L2 owners can be selected. Mention the No. of days the ticket should be escalated. You can check mark the option Owner 2Send SMS? This will trigger an Email/SMS escalation of the ticket at 9.30AM.
v. Same as in Step 3, you can set Escalation to Level 3 and Save.

Now your Helpdesk Tracker is set and ready for the users to start lodging their complaints.