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How can we get amount breakup which is settled by payment gateway?

We understand your concern regarding reconciliation of Payment Gateway payment settled into association bank account.

The settlement of PG transaction by payment gateway provider is in batch, eg.
Assuming that there are 12 residents who have transacted over PG on a particular day to make payment and total amount is 85000/-

This Amount will settle in next working days(T+2) settlement SLA.

Association account will be credited with an amount of Rs 85000/-

Now how to reconcile the payment who paid this money?

Not to worry about it, there is a ready report available for the breakup of this amount. By referring to this report you can get to know :

* Who paid this amount?
* When this was paid?
* Flat number?
* Transaction amount?

You can locate this report in ADDA under Bank & cash
Login to ADDA–>Admin–>>¬†bank & Cash–>>Reports–>>Report no.01 ApartmentADDA NEFT trxn Report.

Please try this report for PG transaction reconciliation.