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How to add assets?

Step 1 : After logging in, go to Admin >> Asset & Inventory Tracker >> View All >> Set Up >> Add all the Asset Categories. for e.g. Lifts, Electrical Devices, House keeping  etc.

Step 2: Click on Assets Tab >> Active Assets >> Add Assets. A new window pops up, where in you can provide all the asset details such as, Asset Name, Asset Tag Number, Vendor Name, Asset Category, Location, Purchase Date & Asset Cost.

Step 3: Click Create  Asset. And the asset added will be listed under active assets tab.

Step 4: For the particular Asset, click on More details.

Step 5: A separate window pops up, you can add/view all the details like Sub components, Vendor Contacts, Service history, Alerts, Scanned documents & Related Tickets for that particular Asset.


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