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How to find out list of logged in/not logged in users on ADDA?

You can have a quick view of users list under ‘Manage Users >> Approved Users’ and from the ‘Last Log’ date find out users who have already logged in and users who are yet to login.

Note: For Users who have already logged in, ‘Last Log’ will show the last logged in date.
For users who have never logged in, ‘Last Log’ will show the ‘Re-invite’ link through which admin can send invites.

Please follow below steps to get a report of login status of each user:

Step 1: Login to ADDA and go to Admin >> Manage Users >> Reports
Step 2: Click on the report named ‘Residents Database’ and refer to column – ‘Has Logged to ADDA’.

This will give the login status of all your ADDA users.