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How to post a cash / Petty cash withdrawal entry ?

Step 1: Go to Admin –>> Bank & Cash –>> Transfer
Step 2: Select Bank Account/ Name in “From Account” column (it should be the bank from where money has to be withdrawn)
Step 3: Select “Petty Cash” Account in “To Account” column. (it should be the petty cash account which increases the cash balance into books of accounts)
Step 4: Enter the amount withdrawn from Bank in “Amount” text box.
Step 5: Enter the Instrument No. (cheque number) in textbox of “Instrument number”
Step 6: Write down the narration in the “Comment box”
Step 7: Choose the date of transfer in date selection field
Step 8: Click on “Transfer”.

Note: Please do not make mistake while the selection of account1 and account2. Only Bank Account need to select from Account1, not petty cash account. Similarly, from account2, Only petty cash account need to select since this transaction is cash withdrawal transaction and not cash deposit transaction.

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