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How to process a helpdesk ticket?

Step 1. After logging in, Go to Admin >> HelpDesk Tracker >> Open Tickets.

Step 2. Click on the “View” option of the ticket that you wish to process.

A separate window pops up, here you can change the category (In progress/On Hold/ Closed) of the ticket accordingly from Status option.

Step 3. Change the Status from New to In-progress

Step 4: Tag the ticket to as Asset if any asset is involved from Asset Involved drop down. (Assets can be added from Asset & Inventory Tracker module)

Step 5: Add the ticket updates in ADD Note section.

Step 6: Click Save Changes. Once the changes are made, an Email notification will be sent to the user who has raised the ticket.

FYI: Once the work/issue is resolved, ensure change the status from In progress to Closed. The primary owner of the flat will get all the SMS/email alerts/updates of the ticket.


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