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How to reverse receipts in bulk?

Please follow the below steps to reverse receipts in Bulk:

Step 1: Go to Income Tracker >> Member Income >> Bulk Corrections >> Click ‘Reverse Invoices in Bulk’

Step 2: Fetch the invoices to be reversed.

Step 3. Cross check the fetched data and then reverse.

Note: By default, access to ‘Bulk Corrections’ tab is provided only to ADDA Moderator. Moderator can share these rights with other admins also (through ‘Control Access for Bulk Corrections’).




  1. Voided Transactions are not fetched.
  2. Payment Gateway Transactions cannot be reversed and are not fetched.
  3. Reconciled Transactions cannot be reversed and are not fetched. Please remove the Reconciliation in Bank & Cash if you would like to Reverse these Transactions.
  4. By following below link you can remove the reconcialiation. http://faq.apartmentadda.com/how-can-i-un-reconcile-a-transaction/