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How to set a recurring task & assign it to the concerned?

1. Go to Admin >> Projects,Meetings & Tasks  >> View All >> Setup
2. Enter task categories like housekeeping, parking, Data management etc. And click ‘Save changes‘.
3. Now click on Tasks tab.
4. Click on ‘Add task‘ button.
5. Enter task description, Assign to member, select a task category.
6. Select begin date and due date for the task.
7. Tick Mark  the check-box ‘Recur‘. Select daily, weekly or monthly recursion as required.
8. Click on ‘Add task‘ button.
Hence the task will get added and listed under ‘Tasks’ tab.
Note: Before assigning the task to a member, make sure the member have access to Projects,Meetings & Tasks module.

More FAQ on Tasks :http://faq.apartmentadda.com/category/admins-dashboard/project-and-meeting-and-task-tracker/page/2/


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