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How to upload admin files?

Please follow below steps to upload a file which are accessible to only admins:

Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin >> Admin Files >> View All >> Common Files

Step 2: Click Upload File. New window opens.

Step 3: Click Choose File, to browse the file you wish to upload. Select an existing folder name or create a new folder to save the file. Provide description if any. Note: Documents of size upto 8MB can be uploaded.

Step 4: You can check mark the option, “Also send as Email Attachment to Admins” as per your requirement.

Step 5: Click Upload Document. 

Hence file will be visible to all admins having access to Admin Files module and email notification would also be sent if opted for.



Please follow further steps in case you want to share the same file with all users:

Step 6: Click the folder containing the file under Admin files module. The Folder opens with all the existing files in it.

Step 7: Click Edit shown corresponding to the file.

Step 8: Check Share this Document to Residents.

Step 9: Click Save.

Hence the respective users will be able to view the file under Resident >> Documents  >> Official.


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