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I need opinions on a topic by Vote. How can I create a Poll?

Please follow the steps to create Poll in your ADDA:

Step 1.Login to ADDA>>My ADDA > Polls > +Start Poll

Step 2. Enter Topic

Step 3. Enter Poll Description

Step 4. Add options

Step 5. Set up the voting type

  • Allow Multiple Vote:

When checked, a user will be able to vote on multiple options of the poll.

When unchecked, a user will be able to vote on only one option of the poll.

  • Only One Vote per Flat:

When checked, only one user per flat can vote.

When unchecked, all users (i.e. multiple users of a flat) can vote.

  • Anonymous:

When checked, Name of the resident who have voted wouldn’t be disclosed to any one (including Admins).

When unchecked, voter name will be visible after the poll closes.

Step 6. Set expiry date for the poll.

Step 7. Select voting can be done by ‘All Residents’ or ‘Only Owners’ or ‘Only Association Committee’ or specific ‘Group’ members.

Step 8. Post Poll.

Hence residents will get an email alert for same and can vote on login to their resident dashboard.




  1. Poll date can be extended or closed before its expiry date through Moderate poll.
  2. Result can be viewed by selected group of residents after poll closure.

Recommended Practice: Nominate an election commissioner to create a Poll for critical opinion polls

FYI: To create a subgroup: http://faq.apartmentadda.com/how-can-i-create-a-subgroup/

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