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Notice Manager Workflow

As an Admin you can follow below steps to post the notice:

Note 1: Ensure you have access to ‘Notice Manager’ module. You can check this under ‘Units & Users >> Access Control’.

Admins who have access to Notice Manager can post notices without any need of approvals.

Note 2: We have released latest demo videos for Residents which are informative and helpful to understand the ADDA features.
Hence you can share below link with all residents through Notice –

Step 1 : Go to MY ADDA >> Notices.
Step 2 : Click Create Notice.
Step 3 : Select the notice category, Administrator, General Notice or Buy/Sell Notice.
Step 4: Provide the “Brief description”, Notice “Expiry Date“, “Reply to Email“. And you can also set “Enable Participation Poll” if required.
Step 5 : Enter “Detailed description” and attach files if required.
Step 6 : Click Post.
Hence notice gets published on ADDA.

In case when a resident post notice, it will be awaiting approval by the admin. As an admin you can follow below steps to release the notice posted by other users:

Step 1: Go to Admin >> Notice Manager >> Categorize.
Step 2: Click on ‘Categorize‘ button. New window opens.
Step 3. Select appropriate category from the drop-down and ‘Save’.
Note: select ‘R-Non Profit’ in case of no charges applied for posting notice.
In case if charges are applied, notice will move to ‘Invoice’ tab and thereafter ‘Payment’ tab and then finally to ‘Release Notice’ tab.
But in case of NO CHARGES, Notice will directly move under ‘Release Notice’ tab. From here you can release the same.
Step 4: Under ‘Release’ tab, click Release Notice.

Once released, notice will be shown under ‘Active’ tab and will be published online for residents view. In addition email alert will also be sent to all users.

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