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How to Populate Maintenance Vendors & Record Expense?

All Maintenance Vendors like The Security Agency, Housekeeping Agency, Lift AMC provider etc., are to be created and then Invoices and Payments to be posted against them.

To see the demo video of Expense tracker please Click here.

Please follow below step for adding vendors and posting expenses:
Step 1: Go to Admin >> General Ledger >> Chart of Accounts >> Expense
Step 2: View the default expense heads. Add/edit/deactivate heads if required and Save changes.
Step 3: Go to Admin >> Vendor Master >> Vendors for Expense.
Step 4: Click Add vendor button. A new window opens.
Step 5: Enter vendor contact details, Select Expense Account Head, AMC term, Tax information and Bank details and Save.
Hence Vendor gets created.
Step 6: To post expense go to Admin >> Expense Tracker >> By Vendors
Step 7: Find out the Vendor on the list whom to make payment and click  Payment button respective to it.
Step 8: Fill the relevant payment mode, information, comment, date.
Step 9: Click on Post Amount button.

Once the amount is posted, a system will refresh. To Double check amount is posted, click on “View” button for respective vendor and you will find the payment transaction updated over there.

Note:  In case if any open bills against the vendor, select invoice against which amount needs to paid.
By default, an amount shown under “Remaining Amount” for the selected invoice will be shown under edit amount.  If the amount being paid is less than the remaining amount for selected invoice, edit the amount in text box shown under “Edit Amount” column.

Note: To make payments for one-time expenses such as one-time repairs, petty works etc. OR for un-named vendors ( such as labourers, bus/auto drivers etc. ), please make payment to ‘UNASSIGNED‘ vendor shown on top of the vendor’s list.

To know more about Expense Tracker please click here.