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Not receiving emails from ADDA?

If you’re facing issues in receiving emails from your ADDA, follow the steps below to eliminate possible causes of the issue. Please note different email clients treat Mailing List emails differently, depending on their spam filtering algorithm etc. leading to email receipt issues. This is the reason why no global . . . Read more

Quick steps to set up your ADDA

Configure Users: From here, you can start adding the new users (owners/tenants/caretakers/staff) to your ADDA. Step 1: Add users through Mass upload template or else one by one. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> User & Flat >> Users >> Add Users >> For mass upload:  i. Scroll down the page and download . . . Read more

What is ADDA Security?

Security at Residential Complexes is critical as it protects Families and Homes. Unlike Corporate Complexes, the Security Gate of Residential Complexes handles large volume of Visitors – Friends, Relatives, domestic staff, delivery vendors, service vendors etc. Security at Residential Complexes also brings the need to walk the tightrope of adequate . . . Read more

What is Buzzar?

Buzzar is an Open Marketplace used by ADDA Users for their Home. A User can Book Useful Services for their home e.g., Sofa Cleaning, Air conditioner Servicing, Maid Verification, Passport Renewal, Pest Control etc. – from Vendors rated by Neighbors. They can also find Freelancers e.g., Tutors, Bakers, Event Organizers . . . Read more