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We have some space rented out in Apartment for Shops, Ironing vendor,Water Can vendor, etc. How to raise regular maintenance invoices for these commercial units just like we do for Residential flats?

Invoicing for commercial space can also be automated on ADDA just like it’s done for residential space.

Please follow below steps to meet your requirement:

Step 1: Add these commercial space also as units under Income tracker. This will facilitate invoice generation.

1.1. To add these commercial space as unit, first identify whether the units are to be created under existing BLOCKS or new Block to be created.
In case you want to continue with existing Blocks, Go to step 1.2.
In case you want to add New Blocks like – COMMERCIAL or SHOP, follow below path,
Admin >> Manage Users >> Add Users >> Scroll down the page and you will find ‘Add more Blocks’ button. Add blocks and Save.
1.2. Go to Admin >> Income Tracker >> Track Flats .
1.3. By default ‘Flats’ tab opens.  Scroll down the page and you will find ‘Add Missing Flats’ button. New window opens.
1.4. Enter the units name like  Grocery shop, Ironing, Water Can, etc. and Save. Hence the units will be created.

Step 2: Categorize the units to set the formula for invoice generation.
If the maintenance invoices to be raised for these commercial units has to follow the same formula as set for other residential units, then categorize the flat to the pre-defined relevant category.
Example-  Say regular maintenance invoice is being raised at Rs.X per square feet and same has to be continued for commercial units as well.

To Categorize to existing category : Go to Income Tracker >> Track Flats >> Flats >> Respective to the unit, Select the relevant category radio button >> Scroll down and Save Changes.


If the maintenance invoices to be raised for these commercial units is different from Residential units, then create a new category and set the rule.
Example- If regular maintenance invoice is being raised on per square feet basis for residential units but for commercial has to raised as flat rate or any different per square feet rate, then follow below steps,

To create new category : Go to Income Tracker >> Track Flats >> Flat Categories >> Create the category. Say- Commercial.
To set a new invoicing Rule : Go to Admin >> Income Tracker >> Setup >> Click ‘Add Rule’ button and enter the details and Save.
Hence on the next auto invoice generation, system will also generate invoices for these commercial units.

Step 3: Create user accounts for those who need to be intimated about invoice generation and pay bills online/offline.

Go to Admin >> Manage Users >> Access Control >> CareTakers >> Add CareTaker and give access only to ‘My Flat’ application.
Hence this user will be able to login into ADDA, view bills and pay either through online or offline mode.

If required you can also give access to other resident applications.