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What ADDA Gatekeeper can do ?

ADDA Gatekeeper features include,

  • Mark Visitors as Favorite – Now don’t fill up frequent visitor’s information again and again. The app does it automatically. You can edit information if required and do simple check in.
  • Capture Visitor’s Picture – You can capture visitor’s picture with camera.You can capture identity proof of Visitor with the same.
  • Now you can search for Staff, Visitors and Residents with name, flat, badge no, mobile no. etc. This makes your operation easy especially in case of large amount of entries.
  • Real time Sync – If internet is available , individual modified entries will get synced with server else you can do whole data sync with Sync button available on top.
  • Generate Reports – On ApartmentADDA.com,  you can generate reports of Visitors Inside the complex, Staff attendance etc.

Visitor check in     Visitor Check Out

Bring your security gate online today. Download the APP here:   ADDA GateKeeper

For detailed information on product, features, and pricing, visit ADDA GateKeeper website

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