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What changes to be made on ADDA in case of below scenario: A Maintenance company/Builder was maintaining ADDA. Now it will be maintained by the newly formed Association. New Association wants accounts to continue uninterrupted and just this Entity change should happen.

To meet your requirement please ensure below checks:

1. All P&L Accounts need to be renamed to identify the new Entity’s Accounts. Best to rename the Old Accounts as those would anyway get deactivated after Audit is done.

2. All Balance Sheet Accounts will remain the same (e.g., Receivable, Payable etc.) It is understood that the Old Entity is transferring the Balancesheet to the New Entity.
If New Bank Account is being created in the name of new Entity then relevant balance transfer needs to be done.
3. Payment Gateway needs to be redirected to the new Entity’s Bank Account.

4. Invoice, Receipts, Vendor Invoices, Vendor Receipts, Petty Cash Challans etc. should reflect New Entity in the Header from 1-April-2017.

1, 2, 3 to be done by Customer, ADDA support team will be available for guidance as necessary.