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What is the mechanism used in filtering defaulters in Income Tracker?

Find below the aspects to understand the system mechanism in filtering defaulters list:

There are four fields to be filled for filtering the defaulters list,
i. Age greater than
ii. Amount between
iii. Flat Category Name
iv. Income accounts

Before fetching defaulters list system checks each fields value and accordingly fetch.

Ex- In case you set,
Age greater than – 90 days &
Amount between Rs.100 and <due in numerical value> &
Flat category – Default &
Income  account as Maintenance Fee,
defaulters that will be fetched will be satisfying each of the four fields(rule) set.

Note: The amount shown respective to each defaulter will be the due as of current date and not any partial amount. This feature is in place to avoid any kind of confusion/dispute amongst residents/defaulters.

Hence as per above example, users for whom Maintenance fee due is above Rs.100 and greater than 90 days, defaulter reminders will be sent along with amount DUE AS OF CURRENT DATE.