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Where can we trace an asset related complaints lodged by the residents?

When a Helpdesk ticket is raised against an asset, the Admin or office staff can tag the ticket towards that Asset from Admin .

Go to Admin  >> Help desk Tracker >> View All

Click on Open Tickets >> Click on View button, a separate window pops up.

You see an drop down for the field : “Asset Involved”. Select the related asset and Click Save Changes.

If this is done, All the related tickets for that asset can be tracked from Asset & Inventory tracker.

Step 1 : Go to Admin  >> Assets & Inventory Tracker >> View All

Step 2: Click on Assets tab >> Click on Active Assets Sub tab >> For the listed Assets, click on “More Details” a separate window pops up.

Step 3: Click on Related Tickets, and you can see all the tickets lodges for the particular asset.

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