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Why ADDA does not support More characters / Open template on SMS ?

TRAI has very strict regulations on SMS blasts .
If  they find the SMS to be of commercial nature , TRAI has every authority to blacklist ADDA.
To ensure that  your ADDA is able to send SMS for important communications , we have compiled templates towards the same which are authorized by TRAI .
These SMS are essential templates and will reach out to all registered users irrespective of their DND status .
We do not  give open template on SMS to ensure that SMS is available for important communication only. As mentioned above , if  it gets misused , ADDA will get blacklisted from sending SMS .We want to ensure that we retain this feature and hence have taken extreme cautionary steps .
ADDA SMS are devoid of any advertisements .Hence you get standard templates with crisp message in it .
Also , delivery of SMS is very much dependent on Users Mobile network, phone etc .