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What is the data backup I can get from ADDA?

Total 156 well customized and very useful live reports are available on ADDA that presents all master data & transactional data for admins to track various parameters such as Residents List, Flat information, Vehicle report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Cash Flow report, Expense report etc. 1. Admin can publish these reports to Notice Board for . . . Read more

How can admin reports be scheduled ?

Please follow below steps to schedule an admin report: Step 1: Go to Admin >> Admin Reports. Step 2: Find the report you want to schedule and click on “Scheduled“. New window opens. Step 3: Choose for whom you want to send the report- “Association Committee + Office Staff“, “Only . . . Read more

Who can access Admin reports?

Admin Reports can be viewed by any MC Member and office staff, provided they have access to Admin reports application. If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket EmailUs: