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How to pass the deposit/Transfer/Contra Entry entry ?

Step 1: Login to ADDA –>> Admin–>> Bank & Cash –>> Transfer Step 2: Select “Petty Cash” in “From Account” list box. (if cash has deposited into the bank) Step 3: Select Respective Bank in “To Account” list box.( in which cash has been deposited) Step 4: Enter deposited amount into Amount . . . Read more

How to get the deposit slip report?

Deposit slip report can be used while depositing the cheque into the bank, an accountant can take print of the deposit slip that payment/ collection entered for the day. can attach this along with pay in a slip in the bank. Step 1: Login to ADDA –>> Admin –>> Bank & . . . Read more

What is bank reconciliation ?

Income entries are being captured in Income Tracker and cheque / cash gets deposited in Bank Account. Expenses are being captured in Expense Tracker and cheques are written to withdraw money. How do you ensure that all the entries are correct and same amount was cleared in bank? Bank & . . . Read more

How to reverse the TDS payable entry?

Step 1: Login to ADDA –>> Admin –>> Bank & Cash –>> Taxes Note: TDS Tab is selected by default. Step 2: Select the Date Range to find TDS Transaction. Step 3: Click on “Fetch Report” Step 4: Click on “Void Entry” button in “Reverse” column for selected transaction row. Step . . . Read more

How can I get TDS remitted report?

Please follow the below steps to get TDS remitted report : Step 1: Login to ADDA –>> Admin –>> Bank & Cash –>> Report Step 2: Click on “TAX : 16. TDS Report“. Step 3: Select the date range for which report requires. Step 4: Click on “Fetch Report” If You have . . . Read more