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How to fetch reversed/voided transactions?

Voided transactions are those transactions wherein, the earlier entry made is reversed. Follow the steps below to fetch voided transactions: Step 1: Login to ADDA>>Admin>>General Ledger>>Query Step 2: In query page>>Select “By User”>>Enter the required dates>>Click on “Fetch Voided Transactions”. If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket . . . Read more

What changes to be made on ADDA in case of below scenario: A Maintenance company/Builder was maintaining ADDA. Now it will be maintained by the newly formed Association. New Association wants accounts to continue uninterrupted and just this Entity change should happen.

To meet your requirement please ensure below checks: 1. All P&L Accounts need to be renamed to identify the new Entity’s Accounts. Best to rename the Old Accounts as those would anyway get deactivated after Audit is done. 2. All Balance Sheet Accounts will remain the same (e.g., Receivable, Payable . . . Read more

How to account Fixed Deposit?

We can enter the fixed deposit into the system. Step 1: create a GL for fixed deposit in general ledger charts of account. Fixed deposit GL needs to creates under Assets in charts of account. Step 2: Pass a journal entry for entering the fixed deposit: 1. Go to general . . . Read more

How to rename GL account ?

We can rename the GL account after creating it: Step 1: Admin Dash board–>>General Ledger–>>charts of account Step 2: Over write the GL account name in desired Ledger head i.e. Income, Expenses, Assets & Liability & Save changes. If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket EmailUs:

How to show the Prepaid Expense?

Step 1. Book an Invoice for the whole amount under Expense Tracker and pass the relevant Payment Entry. Step 2. Create a ledger head “Perepaid Expense (E.g. Prepaid AMC-Lift) under General ledger–>>Chart Of Accounts–>>Asset. Step 3. Pass a journal entry to show the Prepaid Expense for the by Debiting the . . . Read more

How to pass a depreciation entry to maintain a Gross Block?

Step 1. Create a Ledger “Accumulated Depreciation of relevant Asset (E.g. Accumulated Depreciation of Computer) under Login to ADDA –>> Admin —>> General Ledger–>>Chart Of Accounts–>>Asset. Step 2. Create a Depreciation head under General Ledger–>>Chart Of Accounts–>>Expense. Step 3. Pass a Journal Entry from General Ledger–>>Journal Ledger by Debiting the . . . Read more

How to take the back up of Accounting data from ADDA ?

Step 1. Go to Admin Dashboard >> General Ledger–>>Trial Balance. Step 2. Select the particular period–>>Click  on Generate Trial Balance. Step 3. Scroll down and you will find Export All Transaction to Excel and Export All Transaction HTML click o the relevant option. Step 4. Here you can take the back of . . . Read more

What is financial statement?

A financial statement is a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person, or other entity reflecting true and fair financial information. Relevant financial information is presented in a structured manner and in a form easy to understand. For Housing Society, Financial Statement are “Income & Expense Statement”, . . . Read more