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Why do I see Buzzar in ADDA App?

ADDA Buzzar is one of the highly suggested and used features of ADDA app by apartment residents. The residents can add a vendor who provided a good service which can then be discovered by their fellow neighbours. ADDA also provides a comprehensive list of verified and trusted vendors for the . . . Read more

How to create domain name for your ADDA?

Please refer the below self help link to create domain for your own ADDA: Here is help from GoDaddy on how to redirect a domain name to a url: Please raise an ADDA Software help ticket in case of any help. If You have any Queries Please Raise a . . . Read more

How Can I Post Recurring Invoices?

Please follow the steps below to post recurring invoices: Step 1:Login to ADDA>>Admin>> Income Tracker >> Member Income. Step 2: Select the Unit you wish to post a recurring invoice >> Click on the “Invoice” Button. Step 3. Enter the amount,account,comment,etc >> If you wish to enable recurring invoice make sure . . . Read more

How to add and categorize inventories?

Please follow the steps to add and categorize inventories: Step 1 : After logging in to ADDA, go to Admin >> Dashboard>>Asset & Inventory Tracker >> Inventories>> Set Up >> Add all the Inventory Categories. for e.g. Diesel,papers etc. Step 2: Once the categories are added, they will appear in the inventory tab along with the . . . Read more

How can I locate vendors in my locality?

ADDA provides a very unique feature called “BUZZAR”, which helps you to locate all the nearby vendors in your locality. Buzzar – List of Local Vendors and Freelancers, Neighbourhood Classifieds, List of Trusted Vendors for Home cleaning, Laundry, Pest Control & 100+ home services. Check out our Extensive List of Home . . . Read more

How is the Simple Interest Calculation done in ADDA?

Simple Interest: This is the most recommended and widely used method where Late Payment Fees will have to levied for delayed payments.    How Simple Interest is calculated? Lets assume a Quarterly Invoice is generated for amount Rs. 1000 with Invoice date: 1st April and Due date: 15th April. Simple . . . Read more

How can I modify the unit information for billing?

To Modify the flat details for billing, please refer the steps below: Login to ADDA>>Admin>>Income Tracker>>Track Unit>>Select the desired flat>>Click on “MORE“>>Make the necessary changes to Sq.Ft details,Bill To Name,etc.>>Save Changes. If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket EmailUs: