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How to send SMS/email to selected users?

Please follow the below steps to send SMS/email to selected users: Step 1 : Login to ADDA>>Admin>>Units & Users>>Approved Users Step 2 : Search for the user>>Click on the name>>On the Right hand side of the page, you will find an option to send Email/SMS to  the searched User>>Click on “Send . . . Read more

How to deactivate the user who has sold/left the unit?

Please follow the steps below to deactivate a user from a unit: Login to ADDA>>Admin>>Units & Users>>Approved Users>>Search for the user>>Click on the name and on the right hand side you will find an option to “Deactivate the user”.   If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket . . . Read more

I am not receiving notifications on my ADDA Application.

Please follow the below steps in case you are not receiving notifications on your ADDA App: Step 1. Please reinstall/upgrade ADDA Resident App. Step 2. Clear the Cache Data Settings >> Installed app or App and Notification >> Clear Data/ Clear cache data. Step 3. Once you log in please click on your . . . Read more