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Why does ADDA App ask permission to access Photo gallery, SMS etc?

1. Phone Book/Contacts Below are a few features, where Adda App has been given option to add a phone number/user directly from your contact list. To add more family members or tenants to your Unit, To add expected visitors, To add”At Home Number” (number which security calls to verify visitors), etc. . . . Read more

Helpdesk tracker workflow

HelpDesk Tracker is the Online Complaint Register of your Society. Here all Tickets can be viewed and acted upon by the admin. Driver for each Ticket can be assigned, status can be changed with relevant notes. Tickets can be automatically escalated if it is not acted upon within a set time-frame. The HelpDesk Tracker comes . . . Read more

How user auto approval process works?

There is a semi auto approval process which is active by default, where system can verify the user flat details as shared in the address proof and can approve the user accordingly. To check the auto approval settings, please go through the below steps: Step 1: After logging in, Go to . . . Read more

Quick steps to set up your ADDA

Configure Users: From here, you can start adding the new users (owners/tenants/caretakers/staff) to your ADDA. Step 1: Add users through Mass upload template or else one by one. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> User & Flat >> Users >> Add Users >> For mass upload:  i. Scroll down the page and download . . . Read more

How to setup parking slots?

Step 1: After logging in, go to Admin >> Parking manager >>Setup.  Step 2: Check mark the options available as mentioned below as per your requirement: a. Allow residents to ADD & EDIT vehicles ( Residents can add vehicles from Resident’s Dashboard ). b. Allow residents to only EDIT vehicle . . . Read more

How can we start using ADDA Security?

Please find the step by step guide on deploying Gatekeeper: Bring your security gate online today .Download the APP here :  Gatekeeper  If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket EmailUs:

How to setup facilities on your ADDA?

Facility can be the services/benefits availed by the residents by booking them in advance. Facilities can be Ladder, Club house, Function Hall, Swimming Pool, TT court, Gym etc. To setup the facilities: Step 1: Go to Admin  >> Activities & Facilities >> View All >> Setup >> Facility. Step 2: Click . . . Read more