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Why does ADDA App ask permission to access Photo gallery, SMS etc?

1. Phone Book/Contacts Below are a few features, where Adda App has been given option to add a phone number/user directly from your contact list. To add more family members or tenants to your Unit, To add expected visitors, To add”At Home Number” (number which security calls to verify visitors), etc. . . . Read more

How Can one view the results of the poll created?

The poll results can be viewed only if the poll is closed by the creator or if the poll date has been expired. Once the poll is closed or expired, you will find an option called “View Results”, once you click on that you will be able to see the . . . Read more

How to cancel a facility booking?

Note: A user can cancel a facility booking before the payment is made. Once after the payment is posted, then only admin owns the access to cancel the booking. To cancel a facility booking follow below steps: Step 1: Log into your ADDA account. Step 2: Click on ‘Facility Booking‘. . . . Read more

How to delete a document?

Note: Rights to delete a file remains with the owner(user who uploaded) of the file only. Admin can rename the folder or move the files to another folder. In case of those files which were uploaded by you can be deleted by following below steps: i. To delete files from . . . Read more