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How Can one view the results of the poll created?

The poll results can be viewed only if the poll is closed by the creator or if the poll date has been expired. Once the poll is closed or expired, you will find an option called “View Results”, once you click on that you will be able to see the . . . Read more

How to remove a poll?

FYI: The Moderator of your ADDA can only remove the Poll Step 1: Open your Poll Step 2: Next to your poll, click on the down arrow, and you can click Remove Poll. Step 3: Reason is mandate field, please give the appropriate reason for removing the poll Step 4: . . . Read more

Can a poll be edited?

Poll content cannot be edited. However, Poll closing date can be extended before its expiry date. Note: A poll once expired cannot be reopened. If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket EmailUs:

Why am I not getting an email alert for poll initiated?

ADDA gives provision for setting your preferences in terms of email alerts. Please follow below path to enable/disable email notification: Step 1: Login to ADDA. Step 2: Find <<your name>> on top-right corner and click on it. A menu opens. Step 3: Click ‘Edit Preferences‘. Step 4: Click ‘Notification‘ tab. . . . Read more