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How can I set a Budget Amount for Expense Heads Using Excel Template?

Please follow the steps below to set  a Budget Amount for Expense Heads Using Excel Template :

Step 1: Login to ADDA ->> Admin –>> Expense Tracker –>> Budget.

Step 2: Click on “Setup Via Excel Upload” tab, you will find a new popup window open up.

Step 3: In step 1(in the Popup window) download excel template — >> In excel template — >>Enter the budgeted amount under “Budgeted Amount” in respective row for relevant account– >> Save in CSV format

Step 4: Again go to the “Setup Via Excel Upload”— >> Go to the step 3 (in the new popup window) — >> Click on Choose File — > > Click on Upload document — > > Open new window and go down.

Step 5: Click on “Save Changes” Button.

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