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How to conduct an online Election/Ballot in our society using ADDA?

Please find below the workflow of online Election through Secret Ballot:
1. Admin(Election Commissioner) will create a secret ballot for EC or MC election.
Here admin will set the Name of Ballot, Post and Nominees, Participants, Votes per flat, Ballot start and closing date.
Status:  Ballot is Not Live Right Now!
2. As per the start date, Ballot will be open for voting on My ADDA. Users can start voting for the election.
Status:  Ballot is Published and is Live!
3. As per the closing date, Ballot will close and will no more be available for users voting.
Status:  Ballot is Not Live Right Now!
4. Now Election officer need to Close the ballot manually from Secret Ballot module.
5. Results will be visible only to Election Commissioner. And will NOT be mailed to any other member to retain confidentiality.
6. Now the Election Commissioner can print the voting result report.
In case of need to store/share the soft copy  of the report with other members/users, then at the time of printing can be saved as a pdf file.
Attendance report is also available to manage the  Ballot Online & Offline. This report will shows which flat has voted. Report can be printed to ensure that there is no overlap with the physical poll.

If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket