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How to delete a document?

Note: Rights to delete a file remains with the owner(user who uploaded) of the file only. Admin can rename the folder or move the files to another folder.

In case of those files which were uploaded by you can be deleted by following below steps:

i. To delete files from Documents >> ‘Residents‘ section,
Step 1: Click on folder name to access the file.
Step 2: Click on ‘Edit file‘ option shown corresponding to the file. New window opens.
Step 3: Click ‘Delete‘ button.


ii. To delete a file from Documents >> ‘Official‘ section (for Admins only),
Step 1: Go to ‘Admin >> Admin Files >> Flat Specific Files .
Step 2: Under section>>Search for the flat and click on “View” to open the folder.
Step 3: Click ‘Delete‘ button for the file you wish to delete.