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How to get started with Projects, Meetings & Tasks?


Project – Any long running projects can be logged here. Responsible project members can update notes about work-in-progress which will trigger email alert to all members watching the project.

This helps to understand the effort put in and also the project stage it is in. Ensures continuity of work on projects – easy hand over of projects if the issue owner is going to be away for a long while.

Example of Projects: Construction, Painting work, Water harvesting etc.

Meeting– Organize a Managing Committee, Only owners or the complete Society Meet. Generate and share your Meeting report with agendas and meeting minutes with required users.

Example of Meetings: Monthly MC meeting, Quarterly GBM, AGM, etc.

Task– Tasks can be used to assign responsibility or recurring works to any committee member or office staff.

Example of Tasks – swimming pool cleaning, asset servicing, security checks, Identify painting areas, etc.

Setup & Usage:

To set up Meetings:

  1. Go to Admin >> Projects, Meetings & Tasks >> Meetings
    b. Click on ‘Create Meeting’ button
    c. Enter meeting date, time, topic, venue, notes and agendas.
    d. Scroll Down. Select Attendees of the meeting, set email+sms alert before meeting.
    e. Click on ‘Create Meeting’.
  2. Once after the meeting is done, update meeting minutes and resolution for each agenda.

Thereafter system will generate a meeting report which can be shared with attendees or selective users.

To set up Projects:

  1. Go to Admin >> Projects, Meetings & Tasks >> View All >> Projects >> Open
    b. Click on ‘Create Project’.
    c. Enter Project detail, status, and priority level, project driven by, Target date, any note and update Watchers (all updates on this project will go as an e-mail to watchers selected).
    d. Click ‘Save’.

Thereafter you can keep updating the project notes and that gets notified to all the watchers.

To set up Tasks:

  1. Go to Admin >> Projects, Meetings & Tasks >> View All >> Setup
    b. Enter task categories like Housekeeping, Parking, Data management etc. And click   ‘Save changes’.
    c. Now click on ‘Tasks’ tab.
    d. Click on ‘Add task’ button.
    e. Select a task category, enter task description, Assign to member.
    f. Click ‘More’ to Select begin date and due date for the task. Or set set the recurrence period.
  2. Click on ‘Add task’ button.