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Not receiving emails from ADDA?

If you’re facing issues in receiving emails from your ADDA, follow the steps below to eliminate possible causes of the issue. Please note different email clients treat Mailing List emails differently, depending on their spam filtering algorithm etc. leading to email receipt issues. This is the reason why no global social network completely relies on email integration. Below are some frequently noticed issues that can be mitigated. For 100% foolproof receipt of communication please get it directly from the ADDA App (or) the Web Portal.

  1. Check your spam or junk folder. Unfortunately, email providers sometimes mark messages from mailing lists as spam. If you do locate a ADDA email in your spam or junk folder, removing the spam label or marking the email as “not spam” may help to prevent ADDA emails from being marked as spam in the future. You may find this helpful:
  2. Visit your MyADDA newsfeed on the portal or App to see if messages have been posted recently. A lull in neighborhood activity can sometimes be mistaken as an email delivery issue. If no messages have been posted since the last time you received an email, consider posting a message yourself to get the discussion going again.
  3. Check your ADDA email settings. Reviewyour current preferences on the Notifications page (Right hand top corner of the MyADDA page >>Hello Name >> Edit preferences >> Notifications) to ensure that you’re set to receive all of your desired post categories.
  4. Follow up with your email provider. If, after you confirm that there aren’t any issues with your account, you continue not to receive emails, you should reach out to your email provider directly for further investigation. Email providers will sometimes drop messages entirely (rather than bouncing them), if they view those messages as spam. If you’re unable to resolve the issue with your email provider, you might also try using an email address from another provider, at least temporarily. You can update the email address where you receive posts.
  5. Download and Use the ADDA App instead of relying 100% on Emails. Most global Social Networks don’t have Email Integration’s as they are not 100% reliable for the kind of requirements that Social Networks have. The App notifications are much more reliable, and the User gets a far better experience on the ADDA App to engage with their Neighborhood.
  6. If any delays on the email received: please share us the email header to investigate further on this via Support Ticket.

Please consider getting your Property/Neighborhood related communication flawlessly and DIRECTLY via these modes made available to you: ADDA App ADDA Desktop PortalADDA Mobile Portal.

If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket