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Quick steps to set up your ADDA


Configure Users:

From here, you can start adding the new users (owners/tenants/caretakers/staff) to your ADDA.

Step 1: Add users through Mass upload template or else one by one.

Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> User & Flat >> Users >> Add Users >>

For mass upload: 
i. Scroll down the page and download the excel template present under the Mass Upload section.
ii. Fill the rows with resident information like Name, Block, Flat No., Mobile No., Intercom, User Status-Owner/Tenant & Email id.
iii. Upload the filled template . The data shows up under the Add Users section. The residents have not yet been added to your ADDA.
iv. You can edit or modify the records and once you are satisfied click Create User Accounts.

For adding users one by one: Fill in the user information and then Create user account.

In case new Block is to be Added click on Add more blocks.

Step 2: Setup Access Control

Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> User & Flat >> Users >> Access Control >>

Setup Management Committee access:
i. Select the User from the Drop Down who needs admin access.
ii. Check mark the relevant application where access is required and Save Changes.
iii. Tick Is Committee Member Checkbox and enter Designation if applicable and Save Changes.

Setup Office staff account and define their access level:
i. Click on Add a Staff and fill in the necessary details.
ii. Click Create Manager Account. The page will refresh and you can see 2 rows – first row with the manager name and the list of Resident applications and second row with the manager name and list of Admin applications.
iii Click on the check-boxes of the applications you want to give access to the manager and Save.
iv: Click Inform and this will send out an email invitation with login credentials to the staff.
Click here know more in detail:

Setup Caretaker if any:
​In some of the rented Flats or Villas, the owners might have delegated the responsibility of overseeing the property to Caretakers. These Caretakers make sure the maintenance dues are paid on time, complaints are raised and serviced, and all important Notices are acted upon on behalf of the Owner.
i. Click on Add a Care taker, fill in the necessary details and Create Care taker Account.
ii. Click on the check-boxes of the applications you want to give access and Click Inform. The user will be sent a email with their login credentials.

Setup Custom Email Forwarding if required:
You have email addresses like – and you can map it to the email address you want. Next year when the MC committee changes, this can be updated.

Step 3: Send Invites 

From here you can send invites with login credentials to all those users who have not yet logged into ADDA.
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Users >> Statistics.
ii. You can edit the invitation email that goes to the residents through “Edit Invite Template”.
iii. Now Click Bulk Invite (Only Email).
Keep sending the Bulk Invites until all the users have logged in.
You can also filter users data like list of Owners, Tenants, Users having admin access, Users with invalid email id, Users with no mobile, etc.

Step 4: Approve users awaiting approval if any.

i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Users >> Unapproved
ii. Click the EDIT button to view the user details.
iii. Once verified & validated you can approve the user by Check Mark the Approve check-box and click on Approve Selected users button.
Once approved, the user will be informed via email automatically with a temporary password. You can check the user under Approved users list.
Note: If Move In-Out tracker is setup, Please validate the user details from EDIT >> ADVANCED

Configure Flats:

Step 1: Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Flats >> Click ADD Missing Flats if any more flats are to be added & Save Changes.
Step 2: Assign the individual flats to respective Flat Categories if any.
Step 3:  Assign the primary contacts for the flats added.

Configure Parking Data:

Using Parking Manager admin can track all Vehicles, Parking Slots, and RFID Tags in one place.  Also gets list of all allotted and Un allotted parking Slots.
To Setup parking slots of your apartment:
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Parking
ii. Click on “Add Slot” button and enter required details.
Once the parking slots are added, either user or admin can update the vehicle details.
In case you want us to do the bulk upload of your vehicle data please raise support ticket.
Click here to know more in detail:

Configure Move In/Out Tracker:

This module helps to setup a workflow for tracking Move Ins and Move Outs.
Admin needs to setup following forms and checklists, before enabling Move IN/Out workflow for your ADDA:

Step 1: Setup Move IN form.
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Move IN/OUT Tracker >> View All >> Setup >> Move In Form User
ii. Mark the check-boxes to enable any field to appear on move in form.
Note: Can add additional fields as per your requirement in the empty text boxes provided at bottom > select its data type (text, date, Single option, Multiple option-can enter multiple values separated by comma)
iii. Select the field applicable to only owner, tenant or common for both
iv. Click Save Changes
FYI: Click View form to get a preview of Move IN form that you have setup.
v. Check-mark the “Enable advanced Move In workflow

Step 2. Setup Move In Checklist.
i. For doing the setup, go to Move IN/OUT Tracker >> View All >> Setup >> Move In Checklist.
ii. Add a checklist field and click on “Add entry to Move In Check List
iii. Enable the field added by marking the check-box beside the field.
iv. Click Save Changes

Step 3. Setup Move Out form.
i. Go to Move IN/OUT Tracker >> View All >> Setup >> Move Out Form
ii. Customize the Form (Refer Move In form methodology for adding the fields)
iii. Click Save Changes

Step 4. Setup Move Out Checklist.
i. Go to Move IN/OUT Tracker >> Setup >> Move Out Checklist
ii. Add a checklist field and click on “Add entry to Move out Check List
iii. Enable the field added by marking the checkbox beside the field.
iv. Click Save Changes.

Click here to know more in detail:

Configure Helpdesk:

HelpDesk Tracker is the Online Complaint Register of your Society. Here all Tickets can be viewed and acted upon by the admin. Driver for each Ticket can be assigned, status can be changed with relevant notes. Tickets can be automatically escalated if it is not acted upon within a set timeframe.
The HelpDesk Tracker comes with some default categories, so users can lodge HelpDesk Tickets readily.
Step 1:  Setup your HelpDesk Tracker
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> HelpDesk >> SetUp. Create the HelpDesk Categories that are relevant to your Apartment Complex.
ii. For each HelpDesk Category, provide a Category Owner Level1. This is the User who will get an Email/SMS whenever a ticket of this category is lodged.
Note: Only those users who have access to Helpdesk Tracker module will be listed in the drop-down.
iii. Scroll to the bottom to setup Notification options and Save

Step 2: Set up the Escalation Matrix:
You can set up Multi-Level Escalation here. An Email will go to higher Levels, if the ticket has not been updated in the requisite number of days.
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> HelpDesk >> Escalation.
ii. Click EDIT on the category, you wish to do the escalation setup. A separate window pops up.
iii. Provide the L1 Owners, in Shift 1, Shift 2 & Shift 3 if staff or admin is working on the tickets during specific timings. Select the shift timings. Also check mark the option Owner 1Send SMS? This will trigger an SMS as and when a ticket is registered for this category.
iv. Under Escalation to Level 2 provide L2 owners. Two L2 owners can be selected. Mention the No. of days the ticket should be escalated. You can check mark the option Owner 2Send SMS? This will trigger an Email/SMS escalation of the ticket at 9.30AM.
v. Same as in Step 3, you can set Escalation to Level 3 and Save.
Now your Helpdesk Tracker is set and ready for the users to start lodging their complaints.

Configure Facilities & Activities:

Step 1: Setup Facility
Facility can be the services/benefits availed by the residents by booking them in advance. Facilities can be Ladder, Club house, Function Hall, Swimming Pool, TT court, Gym etc.
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Facilities & Activities >> Setup Facility.
ii. Click Add Facility, enter the required Facility details and Update Facility.
iii. Update the setup notifications.
Now you can book the facilities added from Resident >> My ADDA >> Facility Booking .

Step 2: Setup Activity
This feature can be used to showcase all the activities like classes or festival events happening in your complex with the residents. Admin can setup both Regular or One-time activities and the residents can have a quick look of the activities happening in the complex in a calendar view.
i. Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Facilities & Activities >> Setup Activity.
ii. Click on Add Activity, enter the required Activity details and Add Activity.
Now you can view the activities added from Resident >> My ADDA >> Activities.

Configure Public Page:

Every ADDA has a public facing Website showing its Location, Amenities and Contact detail. This Website can be customized from here.
Step 1: Go to Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Public Page
Under Home Tab, update Welcome message for outsiders, instructions for owners/tenants to join your ADDA, status of your Project (if it is under construction) etc.
Step 2: Under Images Tab, upload upto 6 images of your choice that will be shown as gallery in landing page.
Step 3: Under Location Tab, map the location of your society which will show in the landing page. Here you can update the Address, Association Name, Url, Amenities, Latitude and Longitude etc.

Configure Tasks: 

Tasks can be used to assign work to any committee member, Office Staff or resident.
Step 1: Admin >> Configuration Hub >> Management Apps >> Tasks
Step 2: Enter task categories like Housekeeping, Parking, Data management etc.
Step 3: Click ‘Save changes’.
Henceforth you can assign tasks through Projects, Meetings & Tasks module.
To know more click here:

Configure Asset & Inventory:

Step 1: Setup Asset categories
Information on capital assets can be stored here. Like Asset name, tag number, purchase price & date, scanned documents, Service providers contact detail, Service History of this asset, etc. Also Email or SMS alerts can be setup for preventive maintenance appointments, renewal of AMC contracts etc.
Setup Asset Categories like Sports Equipment, Electrical Devices, Housekeeping, Gardening Tools, Lifts, Water Pipes, etc. and Save Changes.
To know more click here:
In case you want us to do the bulk upload of your asset data please raise support ticket.

Step 2: Setup Inventory categories

Records of your society’s day to day consumables can be maintained here. Admin can track additions and removal of Inventory, by date and user.
Setup Inventory Categories like Water, Diesel, Coolant, Writing pad, Bulbs, Paint, Ceiling Fan, Cable Wire, etc. and Save Changes.
To know more click here:

 Configure Notice Manager:

A notice posted through Resident page will be published online post admin approval. Notices awaiting approval can be managed from this application.
Step 1: Setup Notice categories. Ex- Notice for Sale or Notice from Admin.
Step 2: Setup Notice posting charges (if any).
Step 3: Enter number of days the notice should be active for resident’s view. (Old notices get stored under separate header)
Step 4: Set notice categories as ‘member notice’ or ‘non-member notice’.
Step 5: Under Access Control, enable required tabs for specific admins.

To know more click here:

Configure Staff:

Setup staff Categories like Cook, Maid, Driver, Tutor, etc. and Save Changes.
To know more click here:
In case you want us to do the bulk upload of your staff data please raise support ticket.

If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket