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What is ADDA Security?

Security at Residential Complexes is critical as it protects Families and Homes. Unlike Corporate Complexes, the Security Gate of Residential Complexes handles large volume of Visitors – Friends, Relatives, domestic staff, delivery vendors, service vendors etc.
Security at Residential Complexes also brings the need to walk the tightrope of adequate monitoring while respecting the Privacy of Residents.
While high expenses are incurred on Security Manpower and Equipment, many gaps exist that reduce the effectiveness of the Security System.
ADDA GateKeeper is a product of ADDA Security which is a Central Gate Monitoring System that brings visibility to all activities that happen at the Security Gate.
It is a Robust Android App with a simple front end designed for the Security Guard. Relevant Stakeholders – Residents, Management Committee get relevant visibility to the activities at the Gate. GateKeeper is integrated with the ADDA app, ADDA Admin app, has complete synch capabilities for Internet vagaries at the gate, and can also integrate with Security hardware.
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Bring your security gate online today. Download the APP here:  ADDA Gatekeeper

For detailed information on product, features, and pricing, visit ADDA GateKeeper website

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