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Why attachments are not sent in email?

This is a recent enhancement done on ADDA, that user has to login to ADDA to view attachments.

Why this change has been done? Yet again, We chose a secure solution over a convenient one.

  1. Earlier all confidential information was shared as an attachment. The user who has never logged in ( not authenticated on ADDA) can misuse this email with an attachment. It has come to our know-how that few associations are facing legal charges due to confidential information that got shared by users who never logged into their ADDA. This is a security loophole which we have plugged by mandating user to login to view attachments. 
  2. As per statistics, Success rates of emails without attachments are higher.
  3. Users with corporate id’s / Email id having firewalls wouldn’t receive attachments as it gets stripped off.

We believe that attachments which are confidential and should stay within your Complex view have to be viewed on a secure portal of your complex- ADDA.

To make it easy for users, whoever has logged into ADDA will be directly taken to this attachment via email.  Users who have never logged in / not logged in 6 months will have to log in once to view the attachment