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Why does ADDA App ask permission to access Photo gallery, SMS etc?

1. Phone Book/Contacts

Below are a few features, where Adda App has been given option to add a phone number/user directly from your contact list.

  1. To add more family members or tenants to your Unit,
  2. To add expected visitors,
  3. To add”At Home Number” (number which security calls to verify visitors), etc.

To access these features, App asks for permission to access your contact list.

2. SMS
Adda App asks for SMS permission to automatically read OTP sent from ADDA for user registration, Phone number verification, etc. We do not read any other SMSs.
Also, for users to send Panic Alert without internet, the App needs access to SMS.
3. Photos and other media

With ADDA App, you can share photos or community events, etc. with your neighbors. You can also share any other documents with your community members. To enable this, the App asks for permission to access your Photos.

As per our Terms and Conditions (which ADDA signs with every customer), ADDA takes every precaution possible to protect your private information. And we do not access any of your private information without your explicit permission. Please refer to our terms of service for more details.

In case you do not want to provide any of the above mentioned access, then you can “Deny” the request.

However, the App will not be running at it’s full potential if you do not provide the required accesses.

If You have any Queries Please Raise a Support Ticket